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COGNIDEV was founded to be a wholly different kind of development company: one that listens to what people want.  And what we have discovered is that many people feel that something very important is missing in most of today’s planned communities.  We have discovered that people want communities that foster the kind of social interaction and mutual support systems traditionally found in urban and rural societies of the past...but all-too-often missing in suburbia today.  COGNIDEV is committed to changing this through education and appropriate community development.

COGNIDEV is attempting to bring new meaning to the term "developer."  To many people, the term developer brings to mind visions of heavy equipment tearing up vast tracts of earth to make way for cookie-cutter suburban houses.  And too often that is exactly the case.  COGNIDEV proposes development based on fundamental human needs for social interaction and mutual support systems: True Communities.

COGNIDEV is always looking for opportunities to partner with other developers to create communities that offer people what they're really looking for.  Human beings are communal in nature.  COGNIDEV aims to provide people with a better quality of life.



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