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Everything begins with education.  To improve quality of life--to develop communities that meet fundamental human needs--we began by educating ourselves:  studying communities everywhere, present and past, to research what works well, and what doesn't.  We provide the educational resources to people with a desire to learn more about what makes communities better, so they can make a difference in their own.

But to effect real positive change, simply providing information to those already seeking it isn't enough.  Most people are too busy focusing on the immediate problems in their lives to think about big issues like development...and how its impact on all aspects of society may actually be at the root of their problems.  Unfortunately, people generally don't think about big issues unless the issues are brought to their attention through discussion.  COGNIDEV encourages everyone to get involved, and we provide a forum for discussing development and its impact on society.

To encourage people to start thinking about development and its impacts on society at an early age, COGNIDEV has developed a formal education program called FutureBuilder.  FutureBuilder currently offers high school students an introduction to careers in design and development.  Current FutureBuilder students operate a thriving shed-building business.  Soon, they will begin designing and building homes as well.  Eventually, FutureBuilder students hope to partner with University of Arizona students, urban planners, and developers to help guide the development of model communities. 

Education is at the heart of COGNIDEV's mission to improve people's lives by providing the resources for personal and community development.


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